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Cervical Spine Surgery Types and Their Complications

Surgery can be a really scary prospect.  If you need to go through a surgical procedure, just the thought that your health warrants such an event is scary in itself.  Then, you think of what may happen during the procedure, and your fear rises even more.  Sometimes, no matter how afraid you are, it is just better to go through with the surgery.  If you neck is badly out of shape, causing you a lot of severe, chronic pain, then you may need to consider going through with cervical spine surgery.

Cervical spinal surgery is necessary when you have bad neck problems.

The cervical spine is the vertebrae that make up your neck. When you have problems with this area of your body, it can definitely affect the quality of your life.  Neck pain can lead to severe headaches that interfere with your everyday life.  When it gets really bad, you may not even be able to do your work or spend time with your family like you would like to.

There are many reasons why cervical spine surgery may be the right choice.  You may have spinal stenosis, degenerative disease or disorder, or a cervical deformity.  Or, you may have gotten into an accident that caused a bad neck injury.  Any of these reasons can warrant going through with the surgery, although it is really up to your doctor.  If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, make a doctor’s appointment.  With the help of specialists, they should be able to determine if the procedure is right for you.  Although cervical surgery can be very helpful, there are actually several different kinds of these surgeries.  By choosing the right one, you can not only lessen your fear, but lessen the chance of cervical spine surgery complications as well.

The traditional form of cervical spine surgery is fairly invasive. They open up your neck and remove a disc or part of a bone.  They then fuse two of your vertebrae together using a bone graft.  Not only is this procedure painful, but it has a lot of possible complications as well.  for instance, you may incur a spinal cord injury, which can have a lot of drastic  and terrible side effects.  The surgery may also damage areas of your body such as your esophagus, nerves, vocal cords, and carotid artery.  These are only some of the cervical spine surgery complications that can occur.

If you are afraid of these complications, you have other options.  There are less invasive ways to go through with cervical spine surgery.  These usually don’t fix the problem as well as the more invasive surgery, but it will be much easier to recover from it.  It is up to your doctor on whether or not you qualify for the less invasive surgery.  Some people’s symptoms and causes for their neck pain are too severe in order to warrant this easier surgery.  Because of this, make sure that you let your doctor know your wishes so that they can formulate the best method for fixing your neck health problems.

Although certain complications can be scary, it is best to make sure that you get better.  There are certain risks with any important surgery, but you will feel a lot better if you go through with it.  In fact, over ninety percent of the people who go through cervical spine surgery see a complete or nearly complete relief of their symptoms.  This is very much worth the fear and price for a lot of people who have severe and terrible neck problems.  This may be the right procedure for you as well.

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